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9 Foods to Combat Disease At Home

A few weeks ago my sister was telling me that for the past few months her older dog Maggie was starting to have accidents in the house while they’re at work. She just couldn’t “hold it” all day anymore. My sister asked if there were any foods that might help. 

Maggie has a Water constitution, making her more prone to developing urinary issues. I started thinking about how maybe if we’d started foods to support her bladder and kidneys earlier we could help, but I was worried that the damage was already done...

… I just didn’t have much hope that foods could resolve the issue. So I was honest and told her “Well it’s not going to hurt her, but I’m not sure it’s going to help.” But I gave her a list of some foods she could add to Maggie’s diet anyway.

I didn’t hear from my sister for a while, then surprise! She tells me a few days ago that Maggie hasn’t had ANY accidents since she started...

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3 Diet Tips To Extend Your Dog’s Lifespan

I fed a high quality dry kibble diet to my dogs for years. I’d always been told it was the healthiest and most balanced food for them. That’s even what I was taught in vet school! Sure, my dogs would get treats and the occasional table scrap, but the base of the diet was dry kibble. 

And my dog’s did just fine. They seemed healthy.

But then I started my acupuncture training, and learned to look for subtle changes internally that couldn’t be seen from the outside, not even on bloodwork. Over time, these internal changes lead to disease. And when I examined my dogs, I found these internal imbalances! 

I couldn’t believe it! My dogs were bright and happy, they were getting around just fine, their bloodwork looked great... but they weren’t as healthy as I thought, even if they looked it from the outside! 

Turns out their food was the culprit. They just weren’t getting everything their bodies truly needed from that food.

So I...

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3 Powerful Foods to Fight Cancer

cancer food senior dogs tcvm Nov 05, 2019

When my dog Zeke was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago, I of course wanted to do anything and everything that would help him fight this terrible disease. And I knew the diet he was eating was more important now than ever. 

The power of food has played a huge role in his overall cancer treatment. Not only can I use foods to boost his immune system, but I can also use foods to actually fight the tumors and foods to help keep his body strong. 

And I know there are so many other pet owners who, like me, might be going through the same thing. Trying to find anything to help your beloved dog stay strong.  

So I want to share some of the most important foods out there that can help your dog fight this horrible disease. These foods can easily be added to your dog’s current diet and they can make a BIG difference!


Top Cancer Fighting Foods

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a very powerful food that can play a huge role in fighting cancer. Not only...

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Defeat Arthritis Once And For All (with the best all-natural supplements out there)

When your dog gets diagnosed with arthritis, you might feel completely lost with how to help. Maybe your dog’s already limping and painful or perhaps they’re just a little slower to get around these days. Either way, you know it’s going to get worse and you want to do everything you can now to help keep that pep in their step. 

The problem is you’re not left with many solutions for helping your dog’s arthritis on a daily basis. The pharmaceuticals and conventional medications out there only mask the pain and can have so many side effects. 

What you need are more natural options that can help keep your dog comfortable AND support their body, without all the negative side effects.

By now you’ve learned about the many powerful foods that you can feed your dog daily to help treat arthritis (you can read up on those here), but there are also a few supplements that can help too!

So here’s a list of key supplements you can use to help...

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3 Power Foods for Treating Arthritis

So many of us are searching for safe, healthy, and non-toxic options for treating our older dogs, especially when it comes to arthritis. 

But did you know there are certain FOODS that can do just that?

Foods that can help control inflammation, strengthen the muscles and bones, and help support joint health? Plus these foods will actually boost your dog’s health, unlike the typical medications that can cause harm. And these are all safe and nourishing foods that your dog can eat every single day to help support their body!

So what are these special powerful foods?


3 Power Foods for Treating Arthritis:

  1. Sardines

Sardines are one of the very best foods to feed your senior dog, as they provide the most natural source of omega 3 fatty acids for joint health. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to reduce inflammation, improve bone strength, and increase blood flow throughout the body to help reduce joint pain and swelling. 

Plus your dog is going to love them! And they...

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6 Overlooked Symptoms of Arthritis Every Dog Owner Must Know

More than HALF of dogs over 7 years old have arthritis. WHAT?!? What’s worse is that by the time it’s usually diagnosed, these dogs are already in pain! And unfortunately the disease only gets worse and more painful over time. 

The good news is that it can be diagnosed EARLY (as in BEFORE the limping and pain starts). And when it’s diagnosed early, you have a much better chance of slowing the disease down and keeping your dog happy and comfortable longer!

The problem is the most pet owners miss or overlook the early symptoms of arthritis because they can be really subtle. 

But that’s not going to be you! Because you’re about to learn what the early symptoms of arthritis look like so you don’t miss the clues that this painful disease is starting in your dog!


6 Common EARLY Symptoms of Arthritis 

  1. Slower to Get Up and Down

Most people know this one, but it’s still important to mention. Your dog may do great on walks and...

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Simplify Cooking For Your Dog (with these 5 easy strategies)

You already know there are so many benefits to adding fresh foods to your dog’s daily diet- the extra nutrients, the extra moisture, less highly processed ingredients, improved quality, etc.- but actually cooking the foods consistently is another story. 

It can seem like a big commitment especially when you have a busy schedule or aren’t comfortable in the kitchen.

I get it. For the past few years, I’ve added fresh foods to my dogs’ daily diets. That is, until a few months ago, when life got really busy. It was hard enough to find time to cook for husband and me, yet alone find time to cook additional foods for my dogs. Yes, they’d get bits and pieces of our meals, but it wasn’t the same.

I knew they should be getting fresh foods, and I wanted to be feeding them fresh foods, but I couldn’t seem to find the time. Of course I felt guilty about it. But actually being able to do it was another story. 

And maybe you struggle to keep up...

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4 Must-Haves For Your Senior Dog

senior dogs Sep 16, 2019

What do we all want for our dogs as they get older? To live a happy, healthy, and comfortable life, right? 

Well there are certain things you can have around the house that can help with that. Things that will help keep them safe and out of harms way, things that will help keep them comfortable, and things that will enrich their lives so they can be happier!

The best part is, none of these things are difficult to find or do, but they can make a HUGE difference for your dog!


4 Things Every House with a Senior Dog Needs

  1. Yoga Mats

Zeke still bounces and runs around, especially when he’s excited to go outside. But we have mostly hard wood floors and his little old legs just can’t grip the slippery floor very well. But yoga mats help!

We put them in areas of the house where he’s most likely to slip- hallways where he runs, around corners, at the door coming inside, and at the base of the bed and sofa. This means less falls for him, and therefore less...

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Is Your Dog In Pain?

Whether you’re a new dog owner or a life-time dog lover, it can be hard to know if and when your dog’s in pain. It would be easy if they could just tell us, but what makes it even harder is that dogs rarely yelp out in pain. Most of the time they just seem a little “off” and have very subtle symptoms.

However if you don’t recognize when your dog’s in pain, they could end up suffering in pain for a long time and the problem causing the pain could even get worse.

That’s why learning how to recognize pain in your dog is so important to helping them live a happy and healthy life! So if your pet isn’t going to cry out every time they’re in pain, what are the things you need to look for? 

The Three Main Clues to Recognize Pain

  1. Changes in personality

A few months ago when I got home from work, my dog Zeke didn’t greet me at the door with a toy in his mouth like he usually does, and I knew something wasn’t right. He...

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The Diseases You Might Be Overlooking

disease senior dogs tcvm Aug 28, 2019

Is this a normal age-related change? Should I be worried? Find out the most common medical conditions in senior dogs so you know what to look for!

As our dogs get older, they do change. And sometimes it can be difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t worry about… what’s normal and what’s not.

And there are some ailments that are really common in our senior dogs. The problem is that many of them are frequently overlooked as just “normal age-related change.”

So while these are all common conditions, NONE of them are “normal.” And when these changes or ailments go without being addressed, the quality of life for our dogs can suffer. 

But with these top 5 medical conditions in senior dogs, you’ll be prepared to recognize these abnormal changes with your dog, early. And the sooner you do, the sooner you can get your dog help so they can continue to live a healthy and comfortable life!


Top 5 Medical Conditions in...

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