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Episode 3: The FIRST 3 Things You Should Do When Your Dog Gets Diagnosed

cancer cancer diet dog Jun 25, 2020

When you first hear the "cancer" word, it feels like the entire world stops spinning. There's so much information being thrown at you at once and so many decisions to make, all while trying to process the devastating news about the cancer itself. It's overwhelming and hard to know where to even start.

But there are a few things you *should* be focusing on FIRST. These 3 steps help beat the overwhelm and give you a clear path to follow so you can help your dog the most. 


Important take-aways from this episode: 

  • Start forming a treatment plan- schedule appt with oncologist to get the full picture and get your questions answered
  • Decide if you want to integrate with TCVM to help slow the cancer progression- do this EARLY and NOT as a last resort
  • Change the diet to a powerful cancer diet to help your dog fight the cancer, heal, and feel their best
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