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The Truth About What Your Dog *Should* Be Eating

Think your dog’s getting a good healthy diet just because you’re feeding a healthy brand of dog food? 

I used to think that too.

A few years ago I had my dog Kacee on a high quality expensive brand of dog food. She was getting the best... or so I thought. But suddenly she got really, really sick. She was restless and pacing. She was panting and couldn’t settle down. And then she got really weak. She even stopped eating. And her body was HOT! 

All of her tests at the hospital came back normal. But she continued to get worse. 

That’s when I learned that the chicken based food I was feeding her was too hot for her. And it was throwing her body into chaos, causing her to overheat, and making her really sick. 

You see, she was a dog with a Fire constitution, and chicken was the wrong food for her constitution. The food I was giving her was making her sick. 

But I didn’t know that before. I mean, she was on a good quality food. 

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The #1 Rule For Choosing Your Dog’s Food

Do you get totally overwhelmed by the aisles and aisles of dog food at the pet store? I mean there are thousands of foods out there- different brands and different flavors. Not to mention all the online reviews and dog food commercials. It’s confusing right?

So how do you choose? How do you know which one to feed your dog? Have you ever thought something exotic like holistic kangaroo was better? Or maybe the grain-free salmon because salmon has all those natural fish oils in it?

Yep, definitely overwhelming and confusing!

But here’s the thing: there’s an easier and better way to choose your dog’s food. A way to make sure your dog is getting the very best to help them live a long and healthy life.

But it involves understanding ONE KEY detail about your dog. And this detail should be the number one factor in determining what you feed your dog. But it’s likely not something you ever knew about. And because of that you’ve probably been feeding your...

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