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Why It’s Not The Brand of Food That Matters


I’ve been getting asked this question a lot: “Is this a good brand of dog food?” But here’s the thing: the brand of food is NOT what makes a food good for your dog. Sure, you want to feed a reputable brand that you can trust, but feeding the best food comes down to so much more than that.

I didn’t used to know that either though. When I adopted my dog Zeke 10 years ago, I was determined to feed him the very best. I had recently lost my previous dog baby Reese to cancer at a very young age and I wanted to make sure I did everything to protect Zeke from that terrible disease. I wanted to feed Zeke a food that was more natural because I worried that maybe Reese’s food had played a role in his getting cancer. So I did a lot of research online and looked at what was going into each food. And finally I found a food that fit what I was looking for. And every month, I would shell out money for this expensive natural dog food.

And I’ll be honest, Zeke did just fine on it for a while. Yeah, he always had little health issues that came up and he was always an anxious dog, but I assumed that that was just normal Zeke. It never occurred to me that the food I was feeding was playing a role, especially since it was supposed to be the best! That is, until he developed severe anxiety and kidney issues.

And through my acupuncture training, I learned about just how much the food we feed plays a role in our dogs’ lives. More importantly, I learned that how healthy a food is has absolutely nothing to do with the brand of the dog food. Or even the additives or dyes in the food.

It comes down to so much more than that.

And if you’re like most people, you’ve probably also thought the brand of food is really important to feeding a good healthy diet. For years I did too, so I get it. But really, we’ve been wrong all along.

So if the brand of food isn’t important, how do you know what the best food is for your dog? Well it comes down to the specific needs of your unique dog and the individual food items that they eat. So let’s take a look.

The Role of Your Dog’s Personality

Consider this: Your dog is unique, right? I’m sure your dog is not like any other dog you’ve ever met. Maybe your dog is super excitable and talkative. Or perhaps they want to be the leader of the pack. Or maybe they’re super cautious with new people. Or maybe they’re just really easy going and relaxed.

Whichever type of personality your dog has, there are specific food items that you should feed to support their individual personality and body.

For example, that super excitable dog who wants to be the center of attention, probably tends to be hot all the time. And there are foods that can make that dog who is always hot, even hotter… which will eventually overheat them and make them sick. Alternatively, there are foods you can feed that can help cool them off and ultimately keep them healthy.

Yep, I didn’t know that either. My dog Zeke always runs hot. And for most of his life, I had been feeding him a food with chicken as the main ingredient, and chicken is a food item that warms up the body (think chicken noodle soup on a cold day!) So I was feeding Zeke food that was making him hotter, and ultimately causing his health issues.

For another example, consider that dog who is super cautious all the time and wants to snuggle under blankets. These dogs tend to feel cold. And there are certain foods that will make them even colder, which again, will eventually make them sick. But there are also foods that you can feed to warm them up and keep their bodies happy!

So the dog that runs hot should not be fed the same food as the dog who tends to be cold. In other words, your dog’s personality surprisingly should play a HUGE role in choosing the right food for them.

Consider Your Dog’s Health

Your dog’s health is another way you can choose a good food for them. I bet your dog probably has at least one health issue that worries you. Maybe they’re sleeping more, or they’re picky with their food, or maybe your dog has arthritis.

Well, there are foods that can support each of these issues. There are food items that can boost energy, or boost the appetite, or help relieve pain in the joints. Actually there are foods that can help treat virtually any health condition out there!

So you can use your dog’s current health to determine the best foods for them! And feeding your dog this way, can ultimately help boost their health and help them thrive in the years to come!


A New Way To Choose Food

As you can see, the brand of food is not as important as the individual food ingredients. It’s just not enough to pick a good brand of dog food and then pick any flavor to feed your dog. Choosing your dog’s food this way could make them sick. Plus your dog would be missing out on all the amazing health benefits of selecting the right foods to help treat their health issues!

So the food you feed should be tailored to your dog’s individual needs. And by doing this, your dog will be set up to live a long and healthy life!

Now, if you want to learn more ways you can use food to boost your dog’s health and prevent disease, I have a free guide for you that you won’t want to miss! The free guide is called “3 Power Foods To Boost Your Dog’s Health.” In this guide you’re going to learn not only the 3 power foods you should be feeding your dog now, but also exactly how to incorporate these foods into your dogs daily diet. To get your free guide, go to wholepetacupuncture.com/free-guide.


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