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Episode 31: Cancer Diets 101 Part 3- Why Are Dr. Kate’s Cancer Diets SO Effective and Powerful?


Wondering what makes one cancer diet better than another? 

Why some are more powerful and more effective than others? 

I wish I’d known the answer to this when my dog Reese had cancer many years ago. But turns out, I was just feeding a generic homecooked diet. I THOUGHT it was a pretty good diet, but NOW I know it could have been better. 

MUCH better. 

So if you’re anything like me, and you want to make sure you’re doing the absolute best for your baby, then this episode is for you. 

‘Cause at the end of the day, the RIGHT diet for your dog is a huge part of their success in their fight against cancer. 

In this 3rd episode of our 6 part Cancer Diets 101 series, I’m sharing:

—> How the RIGHT diet can help your dog FEEL better and live longer

—> What makes some cancer diets more effective than others

—> The 4 crucial steps that make a diet go from “generic” to a POWERFUL cancer treatment


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