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Episode 30: Cancer Diets 101 Part 2- A Common Mistake to Avoid With Your Dog’s Cancer Treatment Plan


Wondering what the most powerful treatment is for your dog’s cancer? 

Is chemo the BEST option? 

Should you be considering anything else or doing something MORE?

There are so many scary decisions to make when it comes to treating cancer in our little babies. We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can and that we’re making the best choices for THEM, right?

So what if you could do MORE for your dog, knowing that you could keep them feeling healthier longer, without additional medications… you’d do it right? 

In this 2nd episode of our 6 part Cancer Diets 101 series, I’m sharing:

—> The commonly overlooked yet FASTEST way to get the cancer under control

—> When to start a cancer diet- before OR after starting chemo or other cancer treatments?

—>  Exactly HOW a cancer diet can a really POWERFUL cancer treatment


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