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Episode 23: How To Choose Ingredients To TREAT The Cancer


How the heck are you supposed to know what foods to put into your dog’s homemade diet? 

All organic foods? Or whatever looks fresh at the store? What you KNOW won’t upset their belly?

There’s nothing wrong with choosing ingredients this way…

… But you can make a bigger impact on your dog’s health and future if you’re STRATEGIC about the ingredients in the diet. 

This is exactly how I’ve helped Zeke thrive with cancer and become a long-term survivor. 

So if you’re interested in learning how to make the diet extra powerful then this video is for you!

In this video, we’ll cover: 

  • How to choose the ingredients for your dog’s diet for the maximum impact
  • One BIG strategy that can help TREAT your dog’s cancer
  • The unique and powerful properties of foods and how to use them to help your dog HEAL

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