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Are You Feeding a Good Dog Food Brand?


Do you remember the last time you stood at the pet store among the aisles upon aisles of dog food, trying to decide which food to buy. There were just so many choices that it eventually got overwhelming. Or maybe you’ve spent hours searching online and reading every review about a particular dog food, only to find conflicting answers.

You worry about whether this food is healthy, or whether that one has quality ingredients. You hear all about these food recalls and you want to make sure the food you choose is safe and uncontaminated.

The problem is that not every dog food company is created equal. And many companies are VERY GOOD at misleading customers about just how SAFE and HEALTHY their food is. Pet food companies can spend millions of dollars in marketing to say that they have quality food, but unfortunately that doesn’t make it true. They often don’t have the science and integrity to back that up.

And when the food isn’t balanced properly or the company isn’t using proper quality control measures to ensure the food is safe, your dog could get sick.

So I don’t want you to fall into this marketing trap.

Which means you need to do your research. Here are the most important questions that you should ask every dog food company you are considering, to make sure they are doing exactly what they say they are.


The Questions to Ask:

Question #1: Who Formulated the Food?

You want the food to be formulated by a board certified veterinary nutritionist, as this is the only way to ensure the food is balanced for all required nutrients. 

You will be surprised that many companies do not have a veterinary nutritionist formulating their diets.

Question #2 Where are the Ingredients Sourced?

This tells you where the ingredients come from. You at least want them to give you the country of origin. Then you can make sure it’s coming from a location you can trust.

Question #3: Where are the Foods Produced and Manufactured?

Now this is important because many companies use third party processing plants so make sure the foods are being produced and manufactured in a place you trust.

Question #4: Is a Full Nutrient Profile Available on a Caloric Basis?
Now you don’t need to know exactly what this means or how to interpret it, but the caloric basis is in g/Mcal. This is the best way for any dog food company to assess the food for appropriate nutrients.

So if the food is only assessed on a guaranteed analysis, typical analysis, or dry matter basis, then the food could easily be nutrient deficient.

Question #5: Do You TEST for Nutritional Values?

You want to make sure that the food being produced by the company is being TESTED for the values once the food is being made, not just using the assumed values when the diet was formulated. This will ensure the final product is balanced for nutrients.

Question #6: What are the Quality Control Measures?

This is important for assuring consistency and quality of the product. You want to make sure the company is doing food testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure safety of the food.


Now Go Find A Reputable Dog Food Company

You should be able to get an answer to ALL of these questions EASILY if it is a reputable dog food company. So if a company cannot answer these questions for you, that is a big red flag.

While this does take a little research on your part, it is so important to take these steps so that you can make sure that you are feeding your dog food that you can trust. That way you know you’re feeding food from a company that produces safe, balanced, and uncontaminated food, and a company that aligns with your values and goals. It’s all about your dog living a healthy long life!

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