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3 Diet Tips To Extend Your Dog’s Lifespan

I fed a high quality dry kibble diet to my dogs for years. I’d always been told it was the healthiest and most balanced food for them. That’s even what I was taught in vet school! Sure, my dogs would get treats and the occasional table scrap, but the base of the diet was dry kibble. 

And my dog’s did just fine. They seemed healthy.

But then I started my acupuncture training, and learned to look for subtle changes internally that couldn’t be seen from the outside, not even on bloodwork. Over time, these internal changes lead to disease. And when I examined my dogs, I found these internal imbalances! 

I couldn’t believe it! My dogs were bright and happy, they were getting around just fine, their bloodwork looked great... but they weren’t as healthy as I thought, even if they looked it from the outside! 

Turns out their food was the culprit. They just weren’t getting everything their bodies truly needed from that food.

So I learned about a more holistic approach to dog food, one that could truly nourish my dog’s body, rather than simply providing the calories needed for survival. 

And it changed everything!! I had no idea my dogs could look so strong and vibrant! 

And over the years, I’ve learned that even if your dog looks healthy, deep down most dogs aren’t getting food that nourishes their body, especially as they get older. And without that proper nourishment, there will be subtle shifts in your dog’s health that are virtually undetectable, but that lead to disease and can shorten your dog’s lifespan.

But good news! There are some easy changes you can make to your dog’s diet to make sure they’re getting the nourishment their body needs, both now and in the future! 


3 Diet Tips for a Longer Life:

Tip #1: Lay Off the Dry Kibble

If you’ve been feeding a dry kibble diet to your dog, it’s time for a change. Dry kibble food is highly processed and isn’t providing any nourishment for your dog’s body. And yes, that goes for even the most natural or holistic of dry kibble foods. (But stick with me, this doesn’t mean a complete diet overhaul!)

Nutrients are lost in the processing of dry kibble food and often synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to replace them... but synthetic supplements will never be a good enough replacement. And that means your dog just can’t get the nutrients they need from a dry processed food. 

Did you also know your dog actually has to use more energy to digest and process a dry kibble? And every ounce of energy is a precious commodity in our senior dogs- if they use too much energy on their dry kibble, they’ll have less energy to fight off infections and keep the body strong.

Plus, dry kibble causes an excess of heat to build up in the body- over time that heat leads to many health conditions (including anxiety, dementia, weakness, GI disease, and even cancer!)  

But don’t get discouraged- there’s an easy alternative! 

Give canned food a try! I know, I know, you’ve probably heard canned food is bad for your dog or maybe you think of it as “junk food.” But actually, it’s the exact opposite!

Not only is canned food less processed (so it can naturally retain more nutrients for your dog), it provides balanced nutrition, is easy to feed, and has more moisture to keep the internal organs functioning at their peak! And guess what- canned food is NOT worse for your dog’s teeth! (That’s just a common myth.)

So this easy transition from dry kibble to canned food can actually strengthen your dog’s body, boost their immune system, and provide crucial nutrients your dog needs!


Tip #2: Base Your Food Selection on Your Dog’s Constitution 

Ok, so I know you’re probably thinking “So if I switch to canned food, which brand should I feed?”

Here’s the answer- the brand is not as important as the specific individual ingredients in the food. And I’m not talking about whether the ingredients are organic, or natural, or include by-products, or corn, or anything like that. 

It’s actually more important to feed ingredients that align with your dog’s constitution (also known as their unique personality- if you’re not sure of your dog’s constitution, take the quiz here to find out.)

So the canned food you feed should contain the special foods that are best for your individual dog. By feeding these specially targeted foods, you can prevent against and reverse those undetectable internal imbalances that ultimately lead to disease. 

How do you feed these foods? The easiest way is to find a protein/meat source that has the specific properties that support your dog’s constitution. 

So find a protein/meat with:

  • The right food temperature for your dog’s constitution- either warming, cooling, or neutral 
  • AND that has special actions to support the internal organ that’s linked to your dog’s constitution- either the liver, heart, spleen/GI tract, lungs, or kidneys

Then look for that meat as the main ingredient in the canned food of your choice. 

By choosing your dog’s food this way, the core of their diet will be supporting their body, boosting their overall health, and preventing disease EVERY SINGLE DAY! If you’re wondering which protein is the best fit for your dog, you can find out here in the Nourishing Food Starter Pack. 


Tip #3: Add Fresh Foods To Address Your Dog’s Health Needs

To truly nourish your dog’s body, you should then add freshly cooked foods on top of the canned food you’re feeding. But to really supercharge your dog’s health, choose special healing fresh foods to feed that will target your individual dog’s needs. 

To select these foods, you can consider your dog’s current health concerns as well as any ailments you want to prevent against. Then feed specific foods that have healing actions that target these main health concerns.

Not sure where to start? A great food to start adding to your dog’s diet now is an egg. Eggs are an amazing Power Food that are great for all senior dogs. Eggs help strengthen the body, keep the mind sharp, prevent dementia and hearing loss, and they can even help slow down the aging process! 

And that’s just the power of one individual food item. Imagine what you could do for your dog’s health with multiple Power Foods specifically targeted to your dog’s needs!


Get Started Now

If you’ve ever wondered, “Is my dog getting everything they need?” or “Am I feeding the right food to my dog”, these 3 easy changes are a great starting place.

Not only will these diet changes provide essential nutrients your dog’s been missing, but they’ll also start healing those internal imbalances that are secretly wreaking havoc in your dog. This will ultimately boost their health and prevent disease in the years to come!

Meaning these 3 easy changes to your dog’s diet can make a BIG difference in helping you enjoy many more years with your dog by your side! 


**Ready to get started feeding the best nourishing foods that YOUR dog needs? The Nourishing Food Starter Pack your KEY to getting started! This Starter Pack is a step-by-step guide that will introduce you to the best protein/meat for your dog’s constitution and the best fresh foods to support their body and prevent disease in the years to come. You can get the Nourishing Food Starter Pack by clicking here.


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