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Is A Homecooked Diet ALWAYS Best?

Can I tell you how many times I’ve started feeding a completely homecooked diet for my dogs in the past, and then stopped... well, let’s just say too many times to count. 

Sometimes I just didn’t have the time to keep up with it. Then there was always the expense of it- especially for 2 dogs. It was difficult having to go shopping for all the food and then spend hours in the kitchen cooking it (and then cleaning up from it!). Not to mention the headache of making sure it was balanced. It was always a struggle.

And I definitely felt guilty about that. I mean, my dogs are worth it right? They deserve the very best.

But after working with many other dog owners over the years, I realized I wasn’t alone. While many of us like the idea of a homecooked diet, the reality of it is much much different. 

And if you’ve been feeling like that too, guess what? That’s OKAY! I know your dog means the world to you, but just because you can’t sustain a completely homecooked diet, that doesn’t mean your dog can’t still get the best. And it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t still feel confident that you’re giving your dog everything they need. 

So it’s time to never again feel like your dog isn’t getting what they deserve. What you need is a guilt-free solution. An alternative meal plan that you can feel good about feeding. Something simple yet still high quality. Something healthy and inexpensive that will fuel your dog for the years ahead. 

Sounds pretty great, right? Well it’s possible! So let’s address the common roadblocks with homecooking and how to achieve alternatives you can feel GOOD about!


1. Do you want to feed a fresher, less processed food but struggle with the time commitment and expense of a homecooked diet?

Yep, I’ve been there. I’ve always wanted to make sure my dogs weren’t getting a heavily processed food with lots of chemicals and additives. 

BUT I had a hard time finding the time to make a homecooked diet. And again, the expense of feeding TWO dogs this diet? It just wasn’t in our budget. 

And I felt bad about that for a while. But then I found a compromise that works. And you can too!

Find a less processed healthier commercial dog food to use as the base of your dog’s diet. Then add high quality homecooked foods ON TOP for that extra nourishment. In fact, up to 30% of your dog’s diet can actually be these freshly cooked foods!

I’ve found this meal plan to be much less stressful and sustainable. 

I don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen AND it doesn’t break the bank. To save even more time, you can cook a big batch of fresh foods ahead of time for the week or even the month! Freeze in batches, then thaw and warm it up as needed, adding it right on top of their regular meal. 

With this solution, I knew my dogs were getting a less processed diet AND the extra nourishment from the fresh foods on top. This has been a meal plan I’ve been able to stick to and feel confident feeding. 


2. Do you want a healthier diet that will prevent disease in your dog, but not sure if you’re feeding a homecooked diet properly?

I hear this one a lot, so you’re definitely not alone. You want to feed a healthier diet that will help keep your dog as healthy as possible as they get older, right? 

But then you’re left wondering: “Am I putting the right ingredients into this homecooked diet?” Or “Do I need to offer more variety?” You’re left guessing if the diet has everything your dog needs.

The problem here is that if you really want to feed a healthier diet AND prevent disease, you need to be really intentional about the specific ingredients your dog gets. Unfortunately you could be feeding your dog the most organic fresh homecooked foods, but if you aren’t choosing the ingredients based on your individual dog’s needs, they simply won’t be getting the benefit you think they are. 

What I mean by this is that food is powerful, and individual foods have special actions and properties that can help YOUR dog. Think: strengthening the immune system, boosting the energy, supporting individual internal organs, and so much more! These foods can support your dog's body, boost their overall health, help prevent and treat common ailments and disease, AND they can be tailored to exactly what YOUR dog needs!

And this is THE most important way to feed a healthier diet that will boost your dog’s health and prevent disease.

This can seem overwhelming. But it’s actually really easy to achieve, without the need for a homecooked diet!

First, pick a foundation commercial diet with foods that will strengthen your dog’s body and boost their overall health. Then add specific freshly cooked foods and POWER foods on top that will nourish their body, prevent specific diseases, and even treat ailments they already have!

Feeding your dog a meal plan that is tailored to your individual dog’s needs is more important than feeding your dog a generic homecooked diet. With this plan, you can make sure your dog’s getting a healthier diet that will prevent disease in the years to come, AND make sure your dog’s getting EVERYTHING they need!


3. Do you distrust the commercial dog food industry but struggle to balance a homecooked diet? 

I get it. Pet food companies are experts at marketing, spending millions of dollars saying they have quality “healthy” food, then you hear all about these food recalls or toxic contamination. 

So homecooking sounds like a good alternative so you can control what’s going into your dog’s food. That is, until you feel overwhelmed and confused trying to figure out how to balance the diet. And I’ll tell you, it’s not easy. The majority of dogs on a homecooked diet just aren’t getting all the nutrients they need, even with added supplements. 

And your dog does need to have a balanced diet. So what’s the solution here?

Well, you CAN find a dog food company you can trust. One that has a quality product without contamination, and one that aligns with YOUR values and goals. Want a more natural product with less chemicals? You can find one!

But it’s going to take some research on your part. You want to contact any potential dog food companies directly to find out where the ingredients are sourced, where the foods are produced, and more about their quality control measures. That way you KNOW you can trust what you’re putting into your dog’s body. 

Don’t just trust what you hear or the reviews of the food online. 

When you find a commercial food you can trust, that also aligns with your values and goals (ie, healthier, less processed, etc.), you won’t have to feel overwhelmed and stressed about balancing a diet yourself. You’ll be able to know exactly what you’re feeding. And then you can take the recommendations above, to give your dog the extra nourishment they need!


It’s Time For a Healthier, EASIER Diet

I know you want your dog to be getting the very best food to keep them as healthy as possible in the years to come, but feeding them the best doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming, or time-consuming. When you have a plan in place, you can make sure you’re nourishing your dog’s body and giving them everything they need EVERY SINGLE DAY, without the need for a completely homecooked diet. 

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