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The Ultimate Diet for Your Dog’s Health and Longevity

As your dog’s getting older, you might be wondering “Should I be doing anything differently with their food?” or “Are they getting everything their body needs for the years ahead?” 

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone! And it’s definitely good to ask these questions while your dog’s still healthy. ‘Cause more than 95% of dogs just aren’t getting the food they need to nourish their body to keep them healthy in their senior years. 

The needs of a dog who is 7 years and older are VERY different from a dog who’s younger than that. And simply feeding a diet labeled for “seniors” just isn’t enough. Your dog needs more than that.

That’s because what your dog eats every single day NOW will greatly impact their health down the road. And you should be targeting specific areas of their health using their food so that you can extend their lifespan and PREVENT issues as they age.

The *very best* way to do this is by using Food Therapy. Food Therapy involves using the special actions of specific food items to your dog’s benefit. You can tailor your dog’s diet to exactly what THEIR body needs! It might sound complicated, but it’s actually really easy! 

So you’re probably wondering “So how do I do this?” 

Well, it’s going to look different for every dog. That’s because you’ll base your dog’s food selections on their current health status, then tailor it to address the goals you want for your dog’s future. This will make their food individualized for their specific needs. 

So let’s look at how to do this for YOUR dog, based on each scenario below.


Scenario #1: If your dog’s in the senior years (7 years or older) but still overall healthy

The Goal: To use your dog’s food to maintain their current state of healthiness for as long as possible, prevent disease in the future, and to extend their lifespan. 

Below are the steps you’d take when formulating their diet plan:

Step 1: Feed Your Dog’s Constitution 

Your dog’s constitution (or unique personality) is directly related to what food they should be eating. And there are foods that are best for each constitution. Feed these foods and your dog will be healthy. Feeding foods that aren’t good for their constitution will cause their body’s internal functions to spin into chaos.

If you’re just getting started, you could start small and just add 1 fresh food to your dog’s diet based on their constitution (see quiz). But if you’re ready to really make a difference in your dog’s health today:

  • Change the foundation of your dog’s diet (ideally their canned food) to a protein/meat source that’s best for their constitution (warming, cooling, or neutral meats). 
  • Then add fresh foods on top that also align with your dog’s constitution to further nourish their body.

This will boost their health every single day, keep their body regulated, and help them fight off disease.

Step 2: Add Power Foods to Prevent Disease 

There are certain diseases that your dog’s prone to developing as they get older, many of which are based on their constitution (see list here). You can use this knowledge to your dog’s benefit when selecting their food! 

Once you know which disease you want to help prevent against, choose Power Foods with specific actions that target the issues you want to prevent. For example, if your dog’s prone to arthritis, you can feed a Power Food like sardines that supports joint health and prevents against arthritis!

Take Action: By applying these 2 steps when formulating a diet plan for your dog, you can keep your dog acting young and healthy, prevent disease in the future, and help them live a longer happier life!

Scenario #2: If your dog’s starting to slow down and show age but still pretty healthy

If your dog’s starting to slow down, it’s not just “age” showing up- it’s actually their constitution starting to become unbalanced. When the constitution is unbalanced, it’s related to the food their getting, and it will lead to worsening disease. 

The Goal: To re-balance your dog’s constitution to keep their body strong, nourish them with the right food to boost their health, and prevent disease in the future.

Below are the steps you’d take when formulating their diet plan:

Step 1: Feed Your Dog’s Constitution 

This is especially important now, since you’re dog’s starting to show signs of becoming unbalanced. If you don’t feed the food that’s best for their constitution, your dog’s core body won’t be strong enough to get healthier no matter what you do. Their health will eventually spin out of control. But if you feed based on your dog’s constitution, not only will be able to stabilize their health, you’ll also be able to boost their immune system, and keep their internal organs strong. 

For this step, you’ll want to:

  • Change the base of your dog’s diet (ideally canned food) to a protein/meat source that is best for their constitution and the internal organ linked to their constitution (discover that here). 
  • Then add fresh foods on top that align with your dog’s constitution to further nurture their body.

Step 2: Add Power Foods to Prevent AND Treat

Here you can use the specific actions and properties of Power Foods to not only prevent issues your dog’s prone to developing, but you can actually use these specific actions to target and treat any current issues your worried about.

For example, if your dog is slower on walks and struggling with stairs, you can feed a Power Food like beef to fight fatigue, boost the energy, and strengthen the bones, tendons, and muscles. 

Take Action: By applying these 2 steps when formulating a diet plan for your dog, you can slow down the aging process to keep your dog bright and active, boost their health to prevent disease, and target and treat specific issues they have, all with the food they’re eating. 


Scenario #3: If your dog’s having medical issues or has developed disease

When your dog has medical issues or has developed disease, the body and constitution are now officially unbalanced, and food is definitely playing a role, whether it seems obvious or not. The biggest problem here is that once that constitution becomes unbalanced, the rest of the body will eventually spin out of control, like a domino effect. Once this happens, it’s unfortunately really hard to control.

If your dog’s issues are major or severe, it’s best to seek out a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medical professional to examine your dog in person (click here to find one). You can still use the recommendations above for a dog who’s just starting to slow down to target and treat the disease that’s present, but having someone in-person diagnose and target where the imbalance is will yield more successful results. 


It’s Time to Change Your Dog’s Health and Life

Once you determine your dog’s current health status above, follow the associated steps to create a meal plan this aligns with your dog’s needs. And NOW is the very best time to do this. It’ll only get harder the longer you wait. So take action to make your dog stronger, prevent disease, and set your dog up for a long life ahead!

I just want you to have more time with your baby <3

If you’re ready to get started today, then the Nourishing Food Starter Pack for you! This Starter Pack is a step-by-step guide that will introduce you to the best foods for YOUR dog’s constitution to support their body and prevent disease in the years to come. Make sure your dog's ready for the years ahead and get the Nourishing Food Starter Pack by clicking here. 



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