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9 Foods to Combat Disease At Home

A few weeks ago my sister was telling me that for the past few months her older dog Maggie was starting to have accidents in the house while they’re at work. She just couldn’t “hold it” all day anymore. My sister asked if there were any foods that might help. 

Maggie has a Water constitution, making her more prone to developing urinary issues. I started thinking about how maybe if we’d started foods to support her bladder and kidneys earlier we could help, but I was worried that the damage was already done...

… I just didn’t have much hope that foods could resolve the issue. So I was honest and told her “Well it’s not going to hurt her, but I’m not sure it’s going to help.” But I gave her a list of some foods she could add to Maggie’s diet anyway.

I didn’t hear from my sister for a while, then surprise! She tells me a few days ago that Maggie hasn’t had ANY accidents since she started adding just ONE of the suggested foods (kidney beans) to her diet. ZERO accidents! 

Sometimes the power of food still amazes me :)

Prevention is still always best. But sometimes our dogs still have issues and ailments that come up. So what do you do then?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use less medicine to help your dog? Or have treatment options for those “age-related” changes that don’t have any conventional cures? 

That’s where the power of food comes in! ‘Cause you can use the specific actions of particular foods to help treat so many diseases out there. What’s even better- YOU can learn how and when to use these foods AT HOME to help your dog!

So let’s take a look at some of the more common diseases that older dogs develop and some specific foods that can help!


Arthritis is really common in many older dogs, making their joints painful. They have a hard time getting around, which can have a serious impact on their quality of life. But there are MANY foods that can help support the joints, decrease the pain and inflammation, and help improve their mobility.

Example: Sardines- these little fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are a natural joint supplement. They are known to reduce inflammation, improve bone strength, and increase blood flow throughout the body to help reduce joint pain and swelling. 



So many of our dogs start to slow down as they get older. They sleep more, can’t walk as long as they used to, get tired from just a few stairs, or even have trouble standing for a long time. But there are particular foods that can help boost your dog’s energy to keep them moving and feeling great!

Example: Beef is a powerful player in helping to combat weakness and fatigue. Not only can beef improve your dog’s energy and fight fatigue, it also helps maintain healthy muscle and strengthen your dog’s bones and tendons. This all helps to give your dog energy, keep them up and moving, and greatly improves your dog’s quality of life!



Dementia, also called cognitive dysfunction or senility, is common in older dogs and can severely impact your dog’s life. Dogs with dementia may forget things they used to know, suddenly start having accidents in the house, have trouble sleeping (or sleep too much), or they may “stare off into space” and not interact with their people. Some dogs will even forget to eat or just not have much of an appetite. 

Just like in people, dementia will progress, but the sooner it is treated, the more we can help delay that progression. And food can help with that! There are foods that can help keep the mind sharp, improve memory, and help address the changes you’re seeing, such as trouble sleeping.

Example: Eggs are a powerful food that keep the mind sharp, slow down the aging process, promote calmness, and help fight signs of dementia. 



We all worry about our dogs getting cancer. And unfortunately it’s really common and many dogs will develop it as they get older. But you can use foods help keep your dog’s immune system strong to not only help prevent against it, but also to help fight the cancer if your dog does develop it.

Example: Mushrooms are a very powerful food that can play a huge role in fighting cancer. Not only can they boost the immune system, but they’re also a natural anti-inflammatory and can detoxify the body. Mushrooms also boost the appetite, so they help give these dogs a healthy appetite, which is so important for dogs with cancer. 


Kidney disease:

The kidney organ is closely related to the aging process, and while Water dogs are more likely to develop kidney disease, any older dog with chronic health issues will eventually have their kidneys slow down too. But there are lots of foods that can help support the kidneys!

Example: Kidney beans are a powerful food for strengthening and supporting the kidneys to keep them healthy and prevent future damage. They also help slow down the aging process to extend your dog’s lifespan. 


Liver disease: 

Liver disease will more commonly develop in dogs with a Wood constitution, but any dog can develop liver disease from chronic stress, certain medications, or the wrong diet, to name a few. You can learn to use food to help combat liver disease to reduce inflammation, decrease liver enzymes, and just support the body’s natural detox system. 

Example: Dark leafy greens such as kale or spinach are foods that are known to strengthen the liver, and decrease inflammation and heat that can cause damage to the organ. 


Heart disease

Dogs with a Fire constitution are more likely to develop heart disease, although many breeds of dogs have a genetic factor that leads to their disease. Using foods to prevent heart disease in dogs more likely to get it can be life changing, but you can also use foods to support the health of the heart if disease does occur.

Example: Feeding the heart organ is a great way to support heart health. It can strengthen the heart muscles to make the heart pump stronger and support the blood flow through the heart and the body. You can often find this organ meat at your local butcher or in a dehydrated form.


GI disease:

Many dogs will develop a “more sensitive belly” as they get older, which usually means they’re on the wrong foods for their body, but Earth dogs are more likely to be extra sensitive. There are a wide range of foods that support the GI tract though and improve digestion!

Example: Butternut squash is a great food to support the GI tract. It’s easy to digest, improves GI motility, and aids in the digestion of nutrients. 


Respiratory disease: 

Many dogs develop a chronic cough, bronchitis, or frequent colds as they get older. This will be more likely in dogs with a Metal constitution, but any dog with a weakened immune system or chronic exposure to allergens is at risk. Foods can be a great way to support breathing and the lungs.

Example: A great food to use for respiratory disease is asparagus- this food directly supports the lungs, improves breathing, and boosts the energy of the body to fight off infections. 


Using Food to Fight Disease: 

Foods can be a powerful treatment option for most diseases out there, whether used alone or with conventional treatments. But food therapy (using food to heal) is so powerful because it can often treat ailments that don’t have any treatments available! 

So having food treatment options in your back pocket is INVALUABLE to you as a pet owner, just in case your dog develops any issues in the future. That way you’ll have the knowledge to help your dog AT HOME!

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