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The Powerful Diet That Saved This Dog's Life

The right food can be life changing for your dog. I see it in the pets I treat every day, but I’ve also seen it drastically change the health and quality of life in my own dogs. 

We lost my baby girl Kacee a few months ago, when she was nearly 15 years old. She ended up living well past her expected life span. But more than that, she lived a good quality of life. And I know 100% it was due to the food she got. 

Now, she wasn’t fed a completely homecooked diet- she was 80 pounds and I simply couldn’t keep up with her caloric needs- but she WAS fed a healthy, high quality diet that was tailored to exactly what her body needed. 

And through this special meal plan, we were able to keep her body strong, prevent disease, and slow down the aging process, giving her a few extra years of adventures and snuggles with us on the couch. 

But it wasn’t always like that. Before I truly understood what I should be feeding her, she actually got really sick. She developed severe anxiety that led to insomnia, restlessness and heavy panting, weakness in her legs, fatigue, and a fluctuating appetite. And it was getting worse every day.

You see, Kacee had a Fire constitution, which meant that her body ran HOT. And I didn’t know better at the time, but I was feeding her foods that warmed the body up, making her overheat. This caused her severe anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness, and it eventually caused her body to spiral out of control.

Luckily, by changing her diet, we were able to get her issues under control. By tailoring her diet to her individual needs, using the special actions and benefits of specific foods, we were able to not only improve her current health, but also boost her overall health, prevent disease, and extend her overall lifespan. 

Her meal plan was simple and healthy, but also really powerful. The best part is that you can learn how to feed this type of meal plan to help your senior dog too! So I wanted to share with you what Kacee’s diet looked like, so you can see what a simple but POWERFUL diet looks like! 


The Diet Framework

A completely homecooked diet was not in the cards for us- it was going to be too time consuming and expensive to keep up with. So I made an alternative meal plan that was simple, yet healthy and powerful. This is the basic framework I developed for Kacee. Later, I’ll show you the specific foods I used to keep her happy and healthy!

  1. Transition from dry kibble to a high quality canned food that supported her constitution
  2. Added the ideal fresh foods for her constitution to boost her health and prevent disease
  3. Topped it with the perfect Power Foods to fuel her body in the years to come


Foundation of her diet:

When Kacee first got sick, she was fed a chicken based kibble diet. I didn’t know at the time, but chicken warms up the body and kibble food dries out the body and causes too much excess heat. With Kacee’s Fire constitution, her body was already prone to overheating, so I unknowingly created the perfect storm for her body to spiral out of control. 

A canned food was a better alternative for her than dry kibble. It was less processed and had more nutrients for her, but it also wouldn’t cause the excessive amount of heat to build up in her body, like dry food would. 

The canned food also needed to be a flavor that would benefit her constitution. By feeding foods for her constitution, we could help boost her overall health and keep her body regulated. 

Being a Fire dog, she needed cooling foods to help keep her body happy and healthy. So we chose a turkey-based canned diet. By feeding a canned diet in a cooling protein like turkey, we were able to help regulate and support her body every single day!


Adding Fresh Foods and Power Foods

We added freshly cooked foods on top of Kacee’s canned food for extra nourishment, as no dog will get the nourishment their body needs just from a commercial diet alone. 

But we specifically chose the fresh foods based on what would be best for her constitution, in order to boost her health even more! 

This meant choosing more cooling foods for her, but also foods that would support the heart organ (the organ linked to her Fire constitution). 

We then added special Power Foods on top. These nutrient dense foods have a whole host of health benefits that we could use to target Kacee’s individual needs. We chose foods with healing properties that would treat her current issues, as well as powerful foods to help prevent issues we were worried about her developing down the road. 

If you remember, Kacee was having severe anxiety that led to insomnia, restlessness, weakness in her legs, fatigue, and a fluctuating appetite. So we wanted to focus the foods on supporting her constitution, which was the underlying cause of her severe anxiety. Then we also wanted to strengthen her body, legs, and muscles, boost her energy, and support her appetite. 

Once we had her current issues under control, we wanted to help prevent future anxiety, which we knew would impact her quality of life if it flared-up again, but also keep her body and immune system strong. Over the years, we adjusted the foods we fed based on what she needed at the time. 

The list below are a few of the freshly cooked foods and Power Foods we used over the years:

To support her constitution: celery, spinach

To prevent anxiety: eggs, carrots, sardines

To strengthen her legs and muscles: beef, sardines

To boost her energy and fight fatigue: eggs, beef, brown rice, sardines, sweet potato

To improve her immune system: mushrooms

To keep a healthy appetite: mushrooms, brown rice, sweet potato

Now, it’s important to note that I didn’t feed all these foods at the same time. Instead, we adjusted the foods based on what her body needed at the time. 

To make the meal plan super easy and doable, I made the fresh foods and Power Foods in batches. I would pick a few of the important foods she needed (usually 2-6 foods at a time), and cook enough to last for 2-4 weeks, then freeze in 3-4 day portions. It was then easy to thaw the prepared foods as needed, and just add it on top of her canned food. 

That way I could easily and confidently boost Kacee’s health every single day. 


The Impact of Kacee’s Diet Change

Within a few weeks of the diet changes, Kacee’s anxiety and insomnia were completely gone. She was bright and happy and she looked healthier than she ever had since we adopted her! She started to grow a full thick soft coat, her body was stronger, and she had more energy than ever!

Kacee made a full recovery. And not only that, but we were able to maintain a good quality of life for several more years, which is something we never expected to have with her. 

Her diet was simple, but healthy and POWERFUL. And it changed her life!

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