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Episode 34: Should I go to the oncologist?

Have you been wondering if you should take your dog to the oncologist or not?
There are so many decisions to make right now and this is a big one...
Join me here so we can chat about it AND what you can be doing to help your dog while you're waiting for that appointment.
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Episode 33: Why a cancer diet was the right choice for us

For whoever needs this today, I wanted to share my story with Zeke- what we went through with his cancer diagnosis, his cancer treatment options, and why a cancer diet was the right choice for us. You are not alone in this and I'm here for you
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Episode 32: Part 4- Why You Want a Cancer Diet EVEN IF You’re Already Feeding a Homecooked Diet

I want you to STOP feeding just a homecooked diet.
I know, I know, I’ve been telling you allllll about the benefits of a homecooked diet recently.
But hear me out.
A homecooked diet and a cancer diet actually are NOT the same thing.
So today I want to share with you why you want a cancer diet EVEN IF you’re already feeding a homecooked diet.
In this 4th episode of our 6 part Cancer Diets 101 series, I’m sharing:
✔️ How to align your dog’s diet to your ultimate health goals for them
✔️ The VITAL difference between a homecooked diet and a cancer diet
✔️ How to be your dog’s superhero
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Episode 31: Cancer Diets 101 Part 3- Why Are Dr. Kate’s Cancer Diets SO Effective and Powerful?


Wondering what makes one cancer diet better than another? 

Why some are more powerful and more effective than others? 

I wish I’d known the answer to this when my dog Reese had cancer many years ago. But turns out, I was just feeding a generic homecooked diet. I THOUGHT it was a pretty good diet, but NOW I know it could have been better. 

MUCH better. 

So if you’re anything like me, and you want to make sure you’re doing the absolute best for your baby, then this episode is for you. 

‘Cause at the end of the day, the RIGHT diet for your dog is a huge part of their success in their fight against cancer. 

In this 3rd episode of our 6 part Cancer Diets 101 series, I’m sharing:

—> How the RIGHT diet can help your dog FEEL better and live longer

—> What makes some cancer diets more effective than others

—> The 4 crucial steps that make a diet go from “generic” to a POWERFUL cancer treatment...

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Episode 30: Cancer Diets 101 Part 2- A Common Mistake to Avoid With Your Dog’s Cancer Treatment Plan


Wondering what the most powerful treatment is for your dog’s cancer? 

Is chemo the BEST option? 

Should you be considering anything else or doing something MORE?

There are so many scary decisions to make when it comes to treating cancer in our little babies. We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can and that we’re making the best choices for THEM, right?

So what if you could do MORE for your dog, knowing that you could keep them feeling healthier longer, without additional medications… you’d do it right? 

In this 2nd episode of our 6 part Cancer Diets 101 series, I’m sharing:

—> The commonly overlooked yet FASTEST way to get the cancer under control

—> When to start a cancer diet- before OR after starting chemo or other cancer treatments?

—>  Exactly HOW a cancer diet can a really POWERFUL cancer treatment

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Episode 29: Part 1- Cancer Diets 101


Do you want to change your dog’s diet now that they have cancer, but you’re not sure what to do or how to get started? 

Then this is for you!!

This is a very special video series called Cancer Diets 101 where I’ll help you learn all about cancer diets and how you can help treat your dog’s cancer with food!

It's all about keeping that baby of yours happy and healthy for as long as possible!

In this first episode, I’m sharing:

—> How to make a COMPLETE cancer treatment plan for your dog

—> The 3 KEY components that ALL cancer diets need

—> How to keep your dog feeling their best for as long as possible, using food!

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Episode 28: Zeke's Cancer Journey and How He’s Outlived his Prognosis


Zeke’s my little miracle dog. He was given 3 months to live after being diagnosed with 2 types of cancer. 

Yet he’s still here with my 15 months later. 

And I want to share with you our story and how we got here in this video.

Maybe it will help you find hope and direction for your little one. 

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Episode 27: How to Save Time and Effort in the Kitchen


Worried about cooking for your dog because it seems totally overwhelming?


Have you tried it and just thought how in the world am I going to keep up with this?

I think we’ve ALL been there!

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way!

On Today’s video, we’ll cover:

  • What it takes to start homecooking
  • How to streamline your homecooking process
  • 4 tips to save you time and energy in the kitchen
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Episode 26: The Best Alternative Treatments For Cancer, with or without chemotherapy


Whether you want to use conventional AND alternative treatments together…

You want to just use alternative treatments for your dog’s cancer…

This video is for you to help you get the BEST impact for your dog!

On this video, we’ll cover: 

  • When to consider alternative cancer treatments
  • The top 3 alternative treatments for cancer
  • How to use these treatments TOGETHER for a better effect
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Episode 25: How to Get Your Picky Eater With Cancer Eating Again


Having a dog with cancer who’s also being picky with their food can be really difficult, not to mention frustrating. 

--> Making sure they get enough calories

--> Keeping them from losing weight

--> Making sure they’ll actually eat what you cook them

--> Making sure what they ARE eating is balanced

It can be tough. 

But there are a few ways to help improve the appetite and keep your dog eating every day, so let’s chat about it. 

In this video, we’ll cover: 

  • WHY your dog might be picky right now (this matters because it changes how you'll help them eat better)
  • 5 tips to entice your dog to eat better
  • How to keep your dog from losing weight
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