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Treat Your Dog's Cancer With Food So They Can Feel Their Best 

with Personalized Cancer Diet Recommendations


Do you want to help your dog fight their cancer?

Do you want your dog to feel their best every day? 

Is starting a cancer diet confusing?

Are you ready to make sure the diet's providing everything your dog needs?

Do you want a longer life for your furry best friend?


Ready to feed a healthier diet?

Get this FREE guide today to help you get started! You'll get access to a 5 step plan to a healthier and powerful cancer diet for your dog AND discover how to use their to TREAT their cancer!


How To Get Help With Your Dog's Diet:

Step 1: Join

Become a member of my Healing Your Best Friend Cancer Success Program, where you'll get to work with me directly to get help with your dog's cancer diet. 

Step 2: Take Action

Learn exactly how to feed a powerful homecooked cancer diet and implement my step-by-step diet plan to help your dog fight their cancer and feel their best.

Step 3: Transform

Watch your your dog heal and their quality of life completely transform as you nourish their whole body with their new powerful diet. 

Hi I'm Dr. Kate McDermott!

I work with dog parents who truly want the best life possible for their dog with cancer. I give them the tools they need to help their dog fight the cancer and keep that spark of joy in their eyes! 

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